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6. BAM-DIN Workshop Image Technology

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Ergebnisse . . .
Results . . .

. . . einer der wenigen öffentlichen Veranstaltungen mit Beiträgen von Experten und Mitgliedern der Normungsbereiche und Organisationen mit Einfluß auf die Farbverarbeitung hat am 3. Dezember 2007 bei der BAM in Berlin stattgefunden.

. . . of one of the few public activities including experts and members of standardization committees and organizations influencing color work was held at BAM in Berlin, December 3rd 2007.

The workshop included presentations from experts and members of:

  • IEC/TC 100/TA2 - Colour Measurement and Management
  • CIE/Division 8 - Image Technology
  • ISO/TC 159/SC4/WG2 - Visual Displays
  • ISO/TC 130 - Professional Printing
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC28 - Office Equipment
  • ISO/TC 159 - Ergonomics
  • ISO/TC 42 - Photography
  • ECI - European Color Initiative
  • ICC - International Color Consortium



Standards treffen Theorie
und Praxis

Referenten & Vorträge:


Standards meet theory
and practical experience

Speakers & Presentations:

Colorimetric Image Technology with
Colours as Hardcopy and Softcopy

Olaf Druemmer
Callas Software, Berlin (DE)

Is ICC Colour Management Still a Solution for Today’s Colour Problems?

A summary of open questions with ICC colormanagement.  Especially issues with CMYK files are described.

Presentation for download (PDF - 105 KB)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hill
RTHW Aachen, Aachen (DE)

Colour Measurement and Management: from sRGB to opRGB and related colour spaces

Technical and historical information about RGB color spaces. The speaker summarized that existing standards based on D65 should be applied. Calculation formulas shall be checked and updated if necessary.

 Presentation download (ppt 5,4 MB)

Stephan Scheuer
TÜV Rheinland Group, Köln (DE)

A general display standard
Standardisation processes for Flat Panel Displays for different contexts of use

Displays are used in a variety of environments. Images are expected to look alike regardless if displayed on the mobile phone or on a professional display.

Presentation not available for download

Prof. Dr. Floris L. van Nes
Technical University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven (NL)

Activities of ISO/TC 159/SC 4/WG 2 “Visual Display requirements”, in particular the new Standards on electronic visual displays ISO 9241-300 to -307

Interesting background information about ergonomical requirements for displays according to national and international  laws and recommendations.

Presentation not available for download

Andreas Kraushaar
FOGRA Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e. V., Muenchen (DE)

How ISO Standards of ISO TC 130 affect Graphic Arts Work

Summary of standards and their influence on the graphic arts work.

Presentation not available for download

Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter
BAM, Berlin (DE)

Colour Definition and Workflow for relative affine Colour Image Reproduction in Offices

Elementary colours to controll colour in display and print. A concept with potential for easy application.


download English Version (1,1 MB)

download deutsche Version  (1,1 MB)

Prof. Dr. Janos Schanda
University of Pannonia, Budapest (HU)

CIE Activities related to Image Technology

One of the activities presented, was the evaluation of indoor illuminants. Graphs of the results where part of the presenatation.

Presentation for download (1,7 MB)

J. Thomas Schmelzer
SWS Software Support, Göppingen (DE)

Image Preparation for Print Output

Evaluating existing standards and recommendations for graphics technology lead to the result that, for several reasons, these are not adoptable for office, home office and private users.

download Presentation (PDF - 2,44 MB)

Dietmar Wueller
Image Engineering, Koeln (DE)

Color Encoding: more than just an ICC profile.
(Adobe RGB and eciRGB as samples for a definition based on ISO 22028-1)

Just installing an ICC profile is not enough to achieve good colour quality. Comparison of non standardized RGB color spaces.

Presentation for download 7,9 MB)

Summary & Discussion
All speakers (except Mr. Druemmer who had to leave early)

The CIE publication about indoor illuminants confirms existing ergonomical standards and is anticipated to have influence on amendments and new standards for workstations and working environment.

UV content and optical brighteners for print and proofprint need more consideration for measured or visual control of colours.

For display and print of colours Prof. Hill said D65 to be easier and more accurate for colour calculations and transformations. This was confirmed by most of the participating speakers. Prof. Schanda lined out the historical dimension of CIELab and the decission to use D65 as whitepoint.

Elementary colours need more evaluation, but probably are able to show ways for more consistent colour workflows.

Additional Papers:

Stefan Jäger

Spectral Imaging for the online-measurement on goniochromatic surface coatings in the automobile and supplier industry

Presentation for download  (PDF - 7,9 MB)

Bildgebendes Multispektralsystem zur Serienfarbmessung an goniochromatischen Oberflächenbeschichtungen in der Automobil- und Zulieferindustrie

Jens Witt

Colorimetric methods for the production of test charts for colour copiers, colour scanners and colour monitors

Presentation for download  (PDF - 8,5 MB)

Farbmetrische Methoden zur Herstellung von Prüfvorlagen für Farbkopierer, Farbscanner und Farbmonitore





The Workshop was held in the spirit of the ISO Steering Committee on Image Technology ISO SCIT to bring experts from different areas of the industrie together (print, photography, displays etc.) to make color more effective and secure for users.

Firmen & Organisationen der Referenten

Companies & Organizations of speakers



Pannonische Universität Vesprém




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Image Engineering 50 trans









Der 6. BAM-DIN Workshop setzte die erfolgreiche Reihe der Infoveranstaltungen zum Thema Image Technology fort.

The 6th BAM-DIN Workshop continued the successful series of workshops in the area of Image Technology.



Der Workshop wurde organisiert von der Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) (Visuelle Methoden und Bildwiedergabe) und den Normenausschüssen Informationstechnik und Anwendungen (NIA) sowie "Ergonomie" (NAErg).

The workshop was organized by Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) (Visual Methods of Image reproduction) and the Standards Committees Informationstechnik und Anwendungen" (NIA) and Ergonomie" (NAErg) of Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. DIN.









The BAM-DIN-Workshop was supported by the following scientific societies and institutions

Deutsches Farbenzentrum   Deutsche farbwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V   TU-Berlin_100_transp2

DFZ Deutsches Farbenzentrum e.V.

DfwG Deutsche farbwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.

TUB Technische Universität Berlin,
Fachgebiet Lichttechnik in der Fakultät IV


















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